“The Brain informs but the heart makes decisions.”

                    -- “Advance Directive” in Bedside Manners.

“Action has the appearance of competence.”

                    -- “The Gift of Nothing” in Bedside Manners.

“The really good witch doctor puts a drop of his own blood in the potion.”

                    -- “The Doctor’s Pill” in The Orange Wire Problem.

“Ignorance dominates. Wisdom is slow in coming.”

                    -- “The Gift of Nothing” in Bedside Manners.

“Silence knows the right questions.”

                    -- “Silence knows the right Questions” in The Orange Wire Problem.

“Love is being able to say, I let you go.”

                    -- “Poem.”

“Compassion arises not from will but from a deep sense of goodness.”

                    -- “Cure for the Common Cold” in a NEJM Perspectives article.

“Simple problems have complex overtones.”

                    -- “Maladie Menage” in Bedside Manners.

“Memory is accurate to the original inaccuracy.”

                    -- “Sound Bites, a Meditation”

“Literature is transparent to the values of its author.”

                    -- “Writing About Patients and the Problem of Approval.”

“Poets, like everyone else, are at the mercy of what they experience. But unlike everyone else, they are called upon to articulate it.”

                    -- “Powerful Words, Poetry and the Art of Medicine.”

“There is no getting by the door of disbelief.”

                    -- “The Doctor’s Pill” in The Orange Wire Problem.

“Embedded in literature are clues how to live with grace in a difficult world.”

                    -- “Cure for the Common Cold” a NEJM Perspectives article.

“Beauty must also contain absence, or the threat of absence.”

                    --  “Squaw Valley: We Came Upon a Clearing at Evening” in Almost Fiction.

“When a shy girl shows herself, butterflies rise from her hip scarf.”

                    -- “Belly Dancing” in Almost Fiction.

“Crazy people get sick too.”

                    -- “When Crazy Gets Sick” in Bedside Manners

“Whining is annoying because it is never accurate. Hiding under the flare of complaint is a deeper truth.”

                    -- “Home Remedy” in Bedside Manners

“In the music of words one feels the movement of the soul.”

                    -- “Sound Bites, a Meditation”

Decisions, especially wrong ones, love company.”

                    -- “Protection” in The Orange Wire Problem.

“Poetry always wants to carve its way closer and closer to the truth. We can never quite get there so it is the process we have to love.”

                    -- “The Fromm Lectures”