***       Mother taught herself piano because Her parents weren’t very interested in the idea. When they finally realized she had talent and gave her lessons, she had to “Learn it all over again.” She taught me piano (unsuccessfully) so I migrated to violin and then french horn which suited me better. I majored in music two years before deciding i didn’t want to show up with 140 great horn players auditioning for a rare seat in the horn section of the Boston symphony, an observation which prompted my wise decision to switch to pre-med. but I have, ever since, kept music as an avocation, composing, learning guitar in order to sing folk songs, playing first drums in the college jazz band then bass and later playing in a symphony orchestra horn section regularly the past 35 years.

***           This is all that remains of 13 Carols I composed and  arranged, sending them out as christmas cards:

                   This last composition was performed by the San

        Francisco boy’s chorus during their 1980 Christmas

        concert, the masonic auditorium, San Francisco. . . .

***        This background in music has been great for creative balance and personal pleasure but also invaluable when it came time to venture into the experimental realm of poetry and jazz during the creation of these two albums.


Music Video:       Harvey Ellis and Chris Casey as the Free Radicals in performance at 333 Caledonia Gallery and elsewhere. . .